Should You Hire Us to Build a Concrete Dome Only, or to Build your Entire Home?

We’ll start by saying that we’re happy to be your contractor whether you want us to build a complete underground concrete home, or whether you just want to hire us as a shotcrete contractor to build just the dome shell and let you finish the house yourself or with a local builder. There are definitely pros & cons. We won’t try to steer you one way or the other, but just discuss what makes each contracting option work out better for certain types of customers.

Which are you: Turn Key or Partial Build? Let’s find out…


Reasons to Hire us as Your Turn-Key Concrete Dome Builder

  • You want to keep your dome construction a private matter, limiting the number of contractors who access the site. You may not want to apply for permits, which is fine with us, but typical local contractors may not understand your motivations for doing so or may ask too many questions. Local contractors are more likely to meet people who know you or your property and say something to someone, so it may be more private to hire an out of town company to come in, get it built, and then go away, not telling anyone about your secret project information.

  • You want one contractor to deal with during your entire project. It’s simpler this way. You don’t need to be the middle man between us as the concrete dome shell builder, and your regular GC who finishes the inside of the house.

  • You don’t have the skills or time to do the finishing work yourself. Nor do you know any local contractors you trust.

Reasons to Hire us as Your Shotcrete Dome Contractor for Shell Building Only

  • You want an expert specialist to build the dome shell, rather than trust someone who doesn’t understand the best way to build a dome. Getting the airform right the first time is a trick. Anyone can spray foam, but most people will do it wrong without guidance – it needs to be applied slowly and uniformly for maximum energy efficiency. The rebar must be installed properly for max tensile strength. The concrete must be sprayed slowly and fully encapsulate the rebar – most concrete contractors have a different pump, a different sprayer, and won’t mix the concrete properly, all because they are used to doing different kinds of work. All shotcrete processes are not the same, and we specialize in building the best domes possible.

  • You know a good local contractor or have the skills to finish the home interior yourself. These skills are more common, so as long as you bring in the pros to build the shell, then you feel comfortable getting the partition walls, kitchen & bathroom, flooring, doors & windows by yourself or with a local builder.

  • You want to save money by using local labor instead of out of town specialists. This is especially true if you work in a part of the country where skilled labor is cheap. You know that you’ll have to pay regular / higher rates to us because our crew is specialized and highly skilled at building shotcrete domes and we bring expensive specialized equipment that you don’t want to