Overloaded Backpack - Are you ready to live with only what you can carry

We are all familiar with the most famous of all prepper controversies regarding whether to “Bug Out” or “Bug In.” There are various reasons why one or the other shelter strategy will work better for certain individuals and situations. For those of us who follow the Bug Out strategy, today we’ll discuss the next dilemma, whether to build a permanent bug out home or to live in temporary bushcraft shelters.

Preppers take many forms, and whether you build in advance a great place to bug out to, or whether you plan to take your skills and backpack on the road is your first strategy decision. Much of this may come down to where you are in life. If you have kids, or if you are older, or don’t have the skills for the bushcraft wilderness life, then you’re better off buying some land and building a backup survival home there that is well stocked.

However, if you don’t have the means to buy & build all of that and/or you have extensive survival skills, then the simple life of shelters in the woods may be more appealing. Here are some initial thoughts on each plan.

Overloaded Backpack - Are you ready to live with only what you can carry
Prepper Bushcraft Shelter

Temporary Prepper Shelters – Bushcraft & Nomadic Life

Moving around makes more sense if you are going to follow a hunter/gatherer strategy and need to follow the game. You may at times build shelters – either carrying a tent or tarp or making primitive cabins or lean-to style shelters in the areas where you frequent. These homes will require less upfront investment of time & resources but are not as comfortable. Security is a problem, but if you choose a clever location, concealment may work better – hide your shelter, bury your treasures nearby out of sight.

Speaking of treasures, if you have significant wealth or possessions that you want to take with you, consider how much your gun collection and extra ammo weighs, or whether you want your stash of silver in your backpack. On another note, temporary shelters may work better for those who want flexibility or were not able to prepare adequately ahead of time or were not certain enough of where they wanted to build their home ahead of time.

It may look easy on reality television, but are you ready and skilled enough to permanently live out of a backpack? Be honest, and if this is your plan, then think through your plan, and keep your survival skills sharpened. I suspect that most people who fancy themselves survivalists would really struggle to try to downsize their current life and live off the land with no permanent base of operations.

Permanent Prepper Homes – Complete Bug Out Setup

What better comfort than to know you have a safe home to retreat to should the SHTF and our prepper paranoia be proven profitable. Buying some land ahead of time and preparing a hobbit home or bunker, or even something simple like a shipping container home, tiny home, or cabin can help you be ready to leave the city and get the right to a safe & secure second home to wait out the troubles. The land you own & have prepared could be a place to raise animals, plant crops, draw water, fish & hunt, and stay indefinitely.

If you invest in a place that you love, there is no reason why a prepper home can’t also double as a weekend getaway or vacation home before the SHTF. In fact, regular use will allow you to keep your home maintained, rotate stocks of emergency food, be familiar with the land & surrounding areas, or even raise long term wood plots to cover land costs & property taxes over the years. To be ultimately prepared, you want your prepper home to function well with low technology. It’s fine to add luxuries if you can afford them, but the home should be safe, comfortable, and secure in the event of electric grid failure or loss of cell/internet signal. While high tech is pretty cool, anything that you can’t repair on your own is something you have to be ready to live without for a while if necessary.

Permanent Prepper Home
Permanent Bug Out Home Temporary Bug Out Shelters
Flexibility Low High
Security High Low
Advanced Investment Required Moderate to High Low to Moderate
Comfortable Life Moderate to High Low
Privacy Low to Moderate High
Ability to use before SHTF High High

Hobbit Builders Style of Prepper Home

Our company helps people design and build permanent prepper homes and shelters. They are designed to be energy efficient and require minimal heating, to provide security even absent electricity, to have natural lighting, to maintain the highest possible privacy and secrecy, to survive any natural disaster, and to last hundreds of years. Most of our homes are underground or partially underground.

We realize that some preppers want to stay on the move and that strategy will work better for some. But for others, such as the elderly, those with young children, and those without the sharpened skills to survive in the wild, a permanent prepper home is the only option. We keep people safe.

Underground Concrete Prepper Homes