Dan Wright and Andrew Hauber are the managers of the Hobbit Builders team and you can read some about them below. There are several other employees including Paul & Dylan & Steve who have central roles in every project, and also some regular subcontractors who help either with their specific trades or general labor when we get busy. We also work with local subcontractors and handy owners who want to have a hands-on role in their builds. And Joe & Anthony, if you’re reading this, we’re still hoping that you will come back work full time with us again because Joe was incredibly talented and Anthony was also a “Nice Man.” If there is one thing that ties our team together, it is that we expect greatness from everyone on the team. There is no room for mediocrity. Either you are doing your best and getting better every day, or you’re not a good fit here.

If you want to join our team, are willing to travel, are not afraid of hard & dirty work, then please contact us and submit a resume or work history report.


Dan Wright

Founder and Owner

Passionate / Driven / Creative

Definitely not normal. If we can’t be creative, do something unique, and be the best at something, then there is no point in spending our lives doing it. Extremely passionate about process improvement.

  • How can we build using the best technique possible?
  • How can we offer the best value to customers?
  • How can our next building be better than the last one?
  • How can we exceed each customer’s expectations?

Dan is enthusiastic about building underground homes. Not only a huge fan of The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien but a huge fan of quiet, secure, sustainable homesteads with some modern conveniences built-in. Given the uncertainties in the world from the instability of the financial system, threats of viruses, rising population, climate change, threats of terrorism and nuclear wars, having a safe house away from the cities, yet within an easy drive from the cities where we work makes a lot of sense. The people who prepare ahead of time will not live in fear. Grow a garden. Have goats on your roof. Lower home maintenance and energy costs. Own land with resources. Enjoy a pastoral retreat from the stress of modernity. Live the Hobbit Life!

Andrew Hauber

Project Manager

Resourceful / Mechanical / Independent

I can fix that! Growing up in a family of auto mechanics and working previously at a tool rental & repair company, Andrew is an expert at keeping equipment in top shape. And troubleshooting too! Passionate about high quality and efficient processes.

  • How can we make this job easier / faster / better?
  • How can I make everyone around me more effective?
  • How can we ensure high quality in all phases?
  • How can we be prepared for anything?

Andrew loves everything about this company. More of a prepper than a hobbit. The perfect paradise in the world would be a large property with a small house but a huge garage. Lots of work trucks, trailers, four-wheelers, boats, campers, and tools. A large safe room for his gun collection, and acreage outback for target shooting and bonfires. Far enough away from civilization that nosy neighbors and building department officials don’t bother you for any reason. Work hard, play hard.