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Underground Hobbit Homes and Energy Efficient Buildings

Hobbit Builders – Custom Built Underground Dome Homes

Hobbit Builders specializes in custom underground concrete buildings. We design & build prepper “bug-out” shelters, storage buildings, garages, dome structures, safe rooms, and of course, real underground hobbit homes. Our typical clients are interested in this non-conventional technology because the results speak for themselves:

  1. Energy savings of 50-80%
  2. Unaffected by extreme weather
  3. Low cost of maintenance
  4. Built to last for ages

The above is enough to make all conventional buildings jealous. Custom concrete dome building is not only practical for homes & business structures, but accommodates other design requirements as needed:

  1. Off-grid home installations
  2. Unlimited floor plan options
  3.  Tunnels and Secret Rooms
  4. Natural lighting
  5. Security & Safety
  6. Underground or Exposed Domes

Many people talk and dream about building a hobbit home or concrete dome building. We can help you pull it off as a turn key general contractor or by designing and constructing the exterior shell for you with our dome building expertise and concrete pumping equipment. Contact us below to figure out if Hobbit Builders is a good fit for you and your project.

Layers of a Concrete Dome Building by Hobbit Builders

Superior Dome Building Technology

Concrete Domes achieve their strength from concrete, rebar, and curves. The building shell remains dry because the thick, UV resistant layer remains in place after the concrete cures. The polyurethane foam insulates to R-60 value with fewer "leaks" than conventional buildings, which not only keeps you warm but prevents condensation on the inside. The interiors have many finishes available from empty shell to fully finished interiors.

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